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Nqal is an advanced smart system

Nqal is an advanced smart system to serve delivery workers from individuals and delivery companies. The system serves both traders and customers, to manage and control the smallest details in the delivery process with complete ease.

Where Nqal works to provide a software system through which the parcel can be tracked or tracked (where it has arrived, where is it located now). Through our company, direct talks can be conducted with traders and with the delivery company, and new traders can be added. And the addition of the deliverers who are constantly dealt with in our software system.

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Nqal Plan

Nqal aims to facilitate mediation between delivery companies, traders, and customers. By providing competition opportunities and providing opportunities for self-employment for couriers and delivery operators, to provide the most appropriate flexibility for the customer to choose the best given many criteria such as prices, experience, efficiency, and active work.

Our Culture

Our culture is based on fulfilling the work covenants and custom, which we undertake with our clients, including individuals, traders, and companies. Nqal works to reach diversity, innovation, and leadership by preparing vital and active missions. Employees are motivated to show their talents, develop their skills, and work within the same team to give the public and our customers innovative and pioneering logistics services and transportation solutions.

Moved to the world

We still see ourselves as the beginning. But we are growing fast, and striving to become a global leader and the best comprehensive transportation and logistics solutions company. By joining a nqal team, it does not mean that you are connected to the company, but rather we have opened the horizon to employ the delivery people themselves, submit offers and enter the competition. The nqal management team works on continuous professional development on both personal and team levels to achieve further growth for the systems we offer and the services we offer to clients.

social contributions

We understand that the strength of our business is linked to the prosperity of the communities we serve. We are fully committed to playing a vital role in the development of the communities in which our business appears, as we have a set of environmental, pioneering, educational, and community service programs accompanied by a group of skilled, effective, and experienced employees.


The global character of mobile business is based on many advantages, not limited to the economic advantage, where the cultural and linguistic advantage to reach a feeling of a truly global culture that gathers everything that belongs to the company under one roof.


NQAL is one of the best, fastest and professional shipping platforms in UAE.

Software System

A software system to track and trace the order (where arrive, where is his location now).


Delivery of anything to anywhere in the United Arab Emirates.


Bidding on prices and choosing the best prices.

Save time

Save time in choosing the nearest delivery person.

Saving effort

Saving effort in obtaining the order.

Best-experienced people

Choosing the best-experienced people by looking at the sales statistics list and the work statistics of the delivery operators in a previous period (during the month and week).

Accounting Invoices

Issuing accounting invoices related to the order from A to Z.

Good Relationship

Building a good relationship between traders and beneficiaries.

New Traders

Introducing delivery companies to new traders via nqal.

Freedom of movement and non-compliance

Freedom of movement and non-compliance, then the stability of the beneficiary, by tracking the order on the application.


Package Delivered


Covered area


Happy Customer


Year Experience


NQAL is one of the best, fastest and professional shipping platforms in UAE.

Stores Management

Program for order management and warehouse operations management. you can keep records of data entry, return orders, and much more with just a few clicks. Where everything is managed in one window only.

Customer Management

The system designed by Nqal provides smart tools that allow customizing rates, bills, and services to meet customer needs. This includes contract invoices, sales tracking, electronic notifications, and other invoices.

Vehicle Management

Nqal software developed the best software to accurately determine where the driver or delivery person is, and what they have. Before that, it gave Nqal the freedom to choose the most suitable driver for the job by taking advantage of the biography of the delivery person on the platform. It also includes tracking the status of the car that is delivering and the speeds at which it is possible to determine the date of arrival of the order.

Billing Management

Billing tools provided by Nqal help you save time by creating invoices quickly and using different and easy payment methods. Any additional fees related to the process can also be managed.

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