Our Services

Our Services

NQAL is one of the best, fastest and professional shipping platforms in UAE.

For delivery companies

Any delivery company and through our company can view its shipment and the exact details of this shipment and provide notifications upon arrival and exit through a mobile system. The system is one of the most powerful systems that manage delivery operations and facilitate the process from start to finish. Saves time and hassle. Delivery companies can manage all of their company's deliveries from one platform to boost efficiency, increase sales and take it one step further. Towards becoming a successful and reputable delivery company.

For Traders

On the mobile platform, traders have comprehensive tools that allow them to customize rates, invoices, and services to meet the specific needs of the customer. Client management also includes contract billing, sales tracking, electronic notifications, invoicing, and much more.

Through a mobile, the merchant can choose the type of shipments he needs, such as food shipments, vehicle shipments, and others. To determine the most appropriate means of transportation between competitors.

For Courier

Any courier can freely join a nqal company, add his offer with prices, and receive orders easily

For Delivery Individual

Through a nqal platform, the Delivery individual can choose their working hours and not be bound by a specific time. The platform can be used to receive delivery requests wherever and at any time. Here the work has to be

Track Your Shipment

The merchant and the customer can track the progress of the order from the beginning of its submission until its arrival, via a nqal platform. Through this process, you can sit and go without being restricted in time and movement. Where your order is in your hands and you can easily monitor it via mobile. Schedule your things and keep track of them on a mobile phone.